June 17,2020

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you all for your support during this pandemic. We know we are far from being back to normal and the threat is still real. We are working very hard to apply as much caution as possible during this time. Below are some very important updates.

1) We are and will continue to enforce the mask regulation. All of our cleaners will be wearing masks during cleanings. We will be wearing gloves as possible but there is currently a huge shortage and they`re hard to come by. But rest assured that we are washing hands frequently and using hand sanitizer often during the times we do not have access to gloves. We will continue to enforce the mask regulation until the local government or CDC announces it is safe to stop the use of face coverings.

2) Effective July 1,2020 we will no longer be checking in prior to your cleaning service to confirm your cleaning. It is very important to know that effective 7/1/2020 our regular cancellation policies will be back in effect and if you wish to postpone or cancel your upcoming service due to COVID-19 you must cancel before the cancellation deadline to avoid cancellation/rescheduling fees.

3) Effective 7/1/2020 we will no longer be using the COVID-19 disinfectant in homes but will still be using all of our our amazing all natural and environmentally friendly products from brands including Method, 7th Generation, Bona, and more.

4) We are still requesting that if you are running a fever or showing flu-like symptoms to please contact us prior to your service to cancel/reschedule your cleaning.

5) We do still recommend when possible to use your own vacuum cleaner during cleaning services as we are unable to disinfect inside the filters and tubes between jobs. We do spray down and disinfect the outside of the vacuum cleaners between jobs.

Again, thank you all for your business and do not hesitate to let us know if you have any additional questions.


Your Friends at Pureza Cleaning LLC



May 2,2020

We will continue to follow all of our previously posted safety measures even with the Stay-At-Home order being lifted in the upcoming days. We value the safety of our employees and clients more than anything. Our safety measures are strictly enforced and we will continue to do so until further notice.

Thank you all for your faithful business and be healthy!


April 4,2020

All cleaners and staff members will start to use masks during cleanings and while in your home. This will be in affect as often as we can find masks in stock as there is currently a shortage. Our cleaners are not sick and if showing even minimal signs of Flu like symptoms are required to start home so please do not let this make you nervous! This is just for the protection of our staff members as well as our clients. We prefer to be as safe as possible!

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.


April 1,2020

We will still be operating with the current Public Health Order issued by the Governor for the state of Colorado. They have deemed sanitation of residences/businesses to still be an essential/critical service at this time and we have shared the info below from their Act.

5. Critical Services, Including:
● Building cleaning and maintenance
Building Definition: a structure with a roof and walls, such as a house, school, store, or factory.

11. Critical Services Necessary to Maintain the Safety, Sanitation and Critical Operations of Residences or Other Critical Businesses, Including:
● Disinfection

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.


March 23,2020

We will still be operating with the current Stay-At-Home act placed for the City and County of Denver. They have deemed sanitation of residences to still be an essential service at this time and we have shared the info below from their Act.

Essential Businesses:
IX. Plumbers, electricians, extenninators, and other service providers who provide
services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential
operation of residences, Essential Activities, and Essential Businesses;

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.


March 13,2020

To Our Valued Customer,

We are working hard to be on top of  the current Corona Virus (COVID-19 )situation. We want to take all steps necessary to insure the safety of our clients as well as our employees. Below are a few upcoming safety standards we will be implementing, on top of our current higher than average  standards, and will be required by all employees until further notice:

1) We will be supplying all employees with Nitrile gloves which will be required to be worn during every cleaning. When the cleaning is completed the gloves  will disposed of after exiting the home. Once the gloves are disposed employees will then use hand sanitizer to kill any germs on hands from the touching gloves.

2) We will be  supplying all employees with a disinfectant spray to do a quick wipe down on highly used surfaces after cleaning homes (sink knobs, toilet handle etc) that will help in killing the covid-19 bacteria.

3) We will be  supplying all employees with a spray to do a cleaning on vacuum, broom, mop etc; before loading supplies into vehicles to use at following jobs.

What steps do I need to take as a client?

We recommend the following steps before your cleaning:
1) If you do not want to use the pre-made disinfectant (this is not a natural product like our other cleaning chemicals) please let our office know. Otherwise we will be using this product in all homes to help avoid the virus spreading.

2) We are also recommending clients that are able to supply their own vacuum cleaner to do so. We are unable to do a full disinfecting of the tubes, canister, hoses etc; between every cleaning. If you are able to supply your own vacuum cleaner please let us know prior to your cleaning so we do not bring our vacuum into your home.

3) If you are having flu like symptoms prior to your cleaning consider rescheduling your cleaning date to avoid the spreading of the virus to employees and onto other clients and individuals.

Here is a link from the CDC in regards to some cleanings tips to consider on a regular basis:

The CDC does not believe wearing a face masks helps in cases where the individual is  not already sick with the virus so we will not be implementing face masks.

The virus is much like the flu and dangerous for the senior community and those with pre-existing immune/organ disorders. We want to take these extra steps so that we can offer peace of mind to our clients and employees that we are doing everything possible to keep the virus from spreading.

Below is a link from the CDC with some additional information about the virus.


We do not believe there is any reason to stop cleanings at the moment and it is still safe to continue working but want to implement the extra steps to help decrease the chances of the virus spreading. We actually believe it will be in the best interest of clients to continue their service with the inclusion of the CDC recommended disinfectant to help kill any COVID-19 germs that may be wandering around.

Due to the quickly progressing  situation there is a more likely chance of your cleanings being postponed due to employees  being home if they start to show any symptoms or having to stay home due to lack of childcare with schools closing. We will do our best to try and avoid rescheduling any cleanings but want to put the safety of our clients and employees health first.

We will be keeping these new standards in place effective Monday March 16,2020 until we believe the major threat of the virus spreading has been resolved . Once we feel the danger of the virus is over we will switch back to all of our regular cleaning regimens automatically.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.